Home Entertainment Trends 2022

Preparing to move? It may be time to re-evaluate your cable and internet options.

Home entertainment has evolved significantly over the past decade. Advances in internet technology have changed whenwhere and how we consume television. On-demand trends that emerged with wired services like Tivo have developed into expansive networks of streaming video feeds, offering personalized entertainment at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

With new streamlined options for television and internet service becoming more affordable every day, consider ditching your outdated hardware and embrace the opportunity to save some cash with a new digital entertainment package.

In 2016 we will continue to see the streaming marketplace grow with more ad-supported and subscription-based video services from some of our favorite networks; all streamed conveniently through a wi-fi signal near you.

Streaming Video Players
In the battle for screen time, entertainment companies are innovating traditional formats to stay in front of busy consumers. When comparing entertainment options, you’ll find a number of console and device options offering streaming video options. Here are a couple worth checking out:

Roku – Watch live streams, browse YouTube or rent new releases from one of Roku’s trusted partners; with over 2000 available channels, Roku has positioned itself as one of the most versatile wi-fi enabled streaming services on the market. Offered as a streaming stick, a high-powered digital player or a full Smart TV console, the Roku promises to change the way you watch TV.

Apple TV – The Apple TV player is Apple’s entry into the hi-def streaming market. With built-in iPad / iPhone compatibility, your favorite subscriptions and iTunes purchases are just one AirPlay away from a connected TV console.  Be wary, not all subscription services are available via Apple TV, so do your research before investing in this streaming option.

Gaming Consoles – In an effort to keep your attention focused keenly on gaming, XBOX and Playstation have built-in access to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon so you are never more than a click away from your favorite games.

Streaming Video Networks
Many of your favorite networks are jumping into the streaming game these days. With unlimited on-demand access and more opportunity to find niche audiences, companies like Netflix and HBO are getting more bang for their buck when syndicating online. At the end of the day, it’s a win/win for networks willing to innovate and viewers who have grown tired of the primetime melodrama.

Amazon & Netflix – For the price of a sandwich and coke you can get set up with a full month of streaming entertainment through one of these services.  You’ll find more than a few opportunities to binge with new releases, Hollywood classics, documentaries and exclusive content like House of Cards (Netflix) and Bosch (Amazon).

YouTube – In addition to the makeup tips and cat videos offered by YouTube’s endless user-generated feed, watchers can now gain access to exclusive content through paid channels.  These days you’ll find movies, pay-per-view sporting and technical instruction all available for streaming through the world’s largest video network.

HBO – Known as an early innovator in thought provoking television, HBO made the easy transition into the streaming market this year with the introduction of HBO Now, their online subscription service.


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