About Naglee Moving & Storage

  As agents for United Van Lines, the Naglee Group is able to provide transportation and services worldwide. We can be reached by calling 1-800-950-4533. Estimates are given without any obligation. Please call us with any of your relocation questions.


1912-1962:   Sam (father) and Art (son) Naglee Samuel and Louisa Naglee founded their carting business in 1912, providing drayage services out of their home and barn located on Horsehead Boulevard in Elmira Heights, New York.    Horses and carts were the initial means of transportation in servicing all sorts of dry goods to and from the freight terminals in the nearby city of Elmira, New York.  Soon after their start-up of providing these services, they purchased their first motorized vehicle, a 1914 Selden, an open-aired stake body flat-bed truck. Arthur, their son, soon joined Sam on the truck and together provided moving services for a number of years.  Art Naglee assumed management of the operation after his father decided to change careers.  Art quickly added moving of household goods to his list of services and that service soon became the staple of his business.  Art led the company through the tumultuous war years and beyond, until his retirement in 1962.  He then sold the company to a current employee William (Bill), and his wife June Gustin.
1962-1987:    Bill and June Gustin Gustin made several improvements to this already successful enterprise.  First, he moved the operation to larger quarters, one mile south, in the city of Elmira, NY.  The facility had a terminal for Mobil Gas with a sturdy warehouse and good-sized yard for vehicle parking and growth.  In 1967, Naglee joined the United Van Lines family and have grown with them through the years to current day.    During that time Gustin added two key services, international moving and facilitating fine art shipments to Naglee’s list of services.  In 1981, Gustin expanded Naglee storage capacity with a 10,000 square foot heated warehouse.  Under Bill Gustin’s stewardship, Naglee Moving & Storage, United Van Lines Agent 901, was continuously rated in the top ten for United International bookings.  He continued to operate Naglee until June of 1987.  When he chose to pass on the reins to a group of men already involved in the transportation business, Phil Schweiger, Scott Hoose and Roger Goyette. 1987-2015:  Phil Schweiger, Scott Hoose and Roger Goyette Much like their predecessor, the three young men that were working for competing moving and storage company, took advantage of an opportunity to step in at Naglee and take it to new levels.  After college, Phil had worked his way up from the back of the trucks to General Manager of a competing van lines.  Scott had left another world of sales to join the household transportation industry.  They were young and ambitious and they knew they wanted more.   Phil Schweiger and Scott Hoose approached Bill Gustin at Naglee and made an offer.  In June of 1987 with the help of co-worker, Roger Goyette, and a silent partner, they were in business for themselves.  Like the previous owners, Phil and Scott wanted to grow Naglee Moving and Storage, INC. Working with a nearby world-class corporation, Naglee had developed a specialty for transportation of extremely sensitive and valuable collections.  Naglee expertise began to find favor with other like-minded institutions on the East Coast.  Phil and Scott invested in specialized vehicles that could offer dedicated services for museums.  As this niche of the industry grew, the young owners recognized the need for secured, climate controlled storage.  In 1995, with the sought-out help from their friends at museums and technical industries, they began construction on a state-of-the-art storage facility.  This division became Naglee Fine Arts. To maintain relevancy and profit in the highly competitive, ever changing relocation industry, Phil Schweiger and Scott Hoose have searched out niche markets for specialized transportation including relocations of libraries, schools, universities, laboratories and special commodities.  Under their leadership, Naglee Moving & Storage, United Van Lines Agency 901 is prepared to enter its second century of service to families and institutions. Over the course of the last hundred years many hundreds of employees joined Naglee- some for season, some for their life-times.  The names of most early Naglee employees are lost for posterity.  Some of those that have helped the organization grow have been the members of the Ochab family. Without all these employees who has sacrificed, labored and dedicated their lives, Naglee would not be the successful leader in our industry today. 2015-Present:    Phil Schweiger, Blair (Beau) and Jessica Roskow With the legacy of family ownership, Naglee Moving and Storage, Inc. continued its evolution in 2015 when Phil Schweiger, Blair “Beau Roskow, and Jessica Schweiger Roskow approached Scott Hoose with offer, ironically the same month Phil and Scott took over in 1987.  With the support of Phil and the dedicated Naglee team, Beau and Jessica would look to take Naglee Moving and Storage, Inc. to even higher levels. Beau left a career with Wal-Mart Inc after serving 23 years.  He also knows the value of starting from humble beginnings to achieving personal and cooperate goals, then to retire as a Regional  Director. Over the past three years, Beau has augmented his professional and personal experiences to establish a foundation and leading edge for Naglee to grow in the 21st century.  Naglee is in the process of creating a strong culture including Technology and Innovation advancements.  The future is bright for Naglee Moving and Storage Inc as future leaders are currently being mentored to carry on the Naglee’s legacy for generations to come.  TO BE CONTINUED…

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