Unpacking/Destination Checklist

After surviving the tedium of prepping, packing, moving out and traveling – move-in day will feel like a breeze. Approach the day with a plan in-hand and you won’t have a problem settling in to your new home.

Be Prepared Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Make sure you allow yourself time before the movers get there to do an assessment of your new home. It’s best to clean, repaint and perform repairs while your space is empty.

When the movers arrive, have your payment ready. Most movers won’t start unloading without collecting the final payment.

As boxes are unloaded, equip yourself with a clipboard and check items off your home inventory as they come through the door.

Your movers are going to need help establishing a plan. Tell them how you’d like each room arranged and where you’d like boxes staged.

Thoroughly inspect all boxes, furniture and appliances to make sure they come off the moving truck in the same condition they left your old residence.

Plug in appliances to make sure they work properly. To be certain, your movers can arrange to have appliances and electronics professionally installed and serviced upon arrival.

Start unpacking in the kitchen. It could take a little while to unpack everything, so you’ll want to be sure that you have the kitchen set up to feed your help when the moving day ends.

Unpack your master bedroom and bathroom next. After that first night’s meal, a clean shower and comfy bed will give you the refresh you need to keep going on day two.